Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The sniper from another dimension, cunning elders with nice action

Today, I watched "Detective Conan the Movie 18: The Sniper from Another Dimension" in cinema.

Detective Conan, or Case Closed is a famous manga series written by Gosho Aoyama.

The hero Conan Edogawa was a super-intelligent high school student, Shinichi Kudo, in the past. But he was involved in a big criminal case, which exposed him at a fatal risk. He was forced to drink an experimental medicine and it made him rejuvenate into a little boy. He continues to investigate criminal cases in order to reveal the secret of the medicine and the Mafia he opposed to.

Detective Conan is categorized to a thriller. Most of the episodes describe a murder case. The criminal attempts to commit a perfect case. Conan and his friends struggle to reveal it. Conan also includes some action scenes. The romance between Conan and Ran Mori, a girlfriend of Shinichi Kudo, is also an attraction.  Ran does not know that Conan is Shinich. Conan must hide this fact, because if it is clarified Ran will be endangered by the Mafia. Conan is suffering to resist the temptation to tell her the truth.

Cinema movie series of Detective Conan are broadcasted once a year regularly. Many children and also adults visit to the cinema to watch it. I watched almost every episode of the movies.

In this story, a sniping case occurs all at sudden. The suspect is a retired American SEALs soldier. He seems to revenge to some other persons who betrayed him in the past. Conan, Japanese police, and the FBI try to stop him, but there is hidden truth behind the cases.

I felt that the action scenes were so exciting. In contrast, the storyline was not so attractive. "Who done it" is not so concerned. There were few gimmicks to confuse the audiences. Additionally, I was not empathetic to the behaviors of the criminal. I think that this work should be considered as an action movie, rather than a thriller.

Instead, I was interested in the relationship in each organization. Mark Spencer, an old man who is an ex-commander of Yokosuka US navy, showed an anger against the fact that an ex-soldier committed a murder case. Meanwhile, he decided to aid the opposed side with an illegal means to conclude the conflict. He was described as a wise and cunning elder. On the other hand, James Black, a chief of the FBI investigators asks for help to another sniper, in addition to his own team. He is deliberate, and  also cunning. I felt that these descriptions were realistic.

Personal Rating: 4 (good)

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