Sunday, May 4, 2014

The best 3 e-gadgets

The development of science is very rapid. Now we are surrounded by many electric gadgets. They made our daily life truly convenient. As a Japanese, I use several gadgets every day. I would not survive without them.

However, the PC had been the only tool I loved until some years ago. Now, these are the three indispensable ones I choose.

The 3rd: Electric toothbrush

This brush shakes during tooth washing. The vibrating is so fine that you can wash your teeth more firmly than using normal brush. Before starting to use it, I underestimated this kind of item. But now I admire it deeply.

The 2nd: Rumba, an automatic room cleaner

I introduced it before. Rumba is an excellent and charming robot. It cleans your house totally. Of course, its performance is inferior to hand-made cleaning. Nonetheless, it is distinguishable that you can do anything during Rumba is working. Rumba has difficulty to walk across bumpy. So you must not put items on the floor. It also helps you not make the room dirty.

The best: Electric shaver

My skin is a little bit weak. Whenever I shaved my mustache, I was suffering from hurting my skin. As well as laser, old type electric shavers were difficult to use, too. But this is different. The three circle-shaped edges shave my mustache softly. I need not to use any shaving cream. I was so surprised when I used it for the first time that I regretted that I had not tried it much before.

Wow, Kindle, Nexus7, and Chromebook were all out of ranks. Electric commodities are so great.

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