Thursday, May 22, 2014

Remote PC criminal revealed

A serious criminal case of PC remote control will be solved. The defendant who had denied being guilt changed his testimony.

The Japan News: Katayama changes story after smartphone dug up

Mainichi: Defendant admits to sending online threats, back in custody

This series of crimes was begun with some incorrect arrests. The persons deemed as the blackmailers were innocent, even victimized by the culprit. Some of the false criminals were forced to confess to the offense. The police and prosecutors were broadly criticized.

After all, a suspect was arrested. He was prosecuted, but there was a lack of decisive evidence of proof. His lawyer believed him that he was also tricked by the culprit.

My past entry: PC remote control crime cases

Recently, a long email was sent to the media by the would-be culprit. However, the prosecutor suspected that the defendant himself had prepared this email. Then, the police detected a smartphone with which the email was sent buried under the ground. The defendant was being let out on bail. Evidence suggested that he could control the smartphone to make a trick of the email. At last, he confessed that he had done all crimes to his lawyer.

Although it is uncertain whether he is the true culprit in theoretical view, there is almost no room to doubt his conviction. To be honest, I was relieved by this result. If he were also trapped by another person, the merciless criminal would be free even now.

Nevertheless, the case has not been solved yet. Why did he commit such cases? Is it impossible that the police, prosecutor, and the court could avoid being deceived by him? Is there any problems around investigation? And another one, I am afraid that he would commit suicide in the near future.

I read some reports by the media about this issue. They differ with each other. We are still in confusion.


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