Friday, May 2, 2014

Karuizawa (3)

Karuizawa (1)
Karuizawa (2)

The next day, I went to the Ex-Mikasa Hotel.

Mikasa Hotel is an ancient building which is designated as an Important Cultural Property. It was built in 1905, completely based on Western building architecture. Many foreign people stayed at Mikasa Hotel. It was closed in 1970.

I could enter the hotel to take a tour. The furniture was traditional. Some of the rooms looked a little small, compared to modern luxurious hotel suites.

Mikasa Hotel is also famous for the curry served at the restaurant in the hotel. Mikasa Hotel Curry is deemed as chicken curry, but its recipe is lost. Some cooks and persons who had eaten the curry made a project to resurrect legendary Mikasa Hotel Curry. Now, some restaurants serve Mikasa Hotel taste curry.

Unfortunately, I had no chance to try one. This is Seafood Curry I made after going home, not concerned to Mikasa Hotel Curry at all.

After that, I visited Kumobaike pond. The water was so clean that I could see the mirror image of the forest over there.

There were some wild ducks swimming in the pond.

Karuizawa in Spring was a little bit cold, but comfortable to stay, as the streets were not so crowded. I had a good experience.

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  1. This hotel looks like a hotel in the movie "Kaze-tatinu", isn't it?