Sunday, May 11, 2014

Sexual costumes of flight attendants

A controversy was burned about the costume of flight attendants belong to Cathay Pacific Airline.

According to Huff Post, a union of Chinese requested to change their outfits into less exposing ones, to avoid sexual harassment.

Huff Post Travel: Cathay Pacific Flight Attendants Say 'Too Sexy' Uniforms Are Fueling Sexual Harassment

In this article, a study is introduced that more than one-fourth of flight attendants have experienced some harassment at work. The airline seems to accept their demands. It is a rational reaction as an employer, in my opinion.

There is a similar case in Japan. Skymark adopted a miniskirt uniform for the advertisement of introduction of a new series of vehicles. Some clues seriously criticized it for both the reasons of sexuality and security. The president declared that anyone would not be forced to wear this costume. However, it is possible that the attendants who had refused to wear it were dropped from the members of the new Airbus.

The Telegraph: Japanese airline criticised over minidresses for female cabin attendants

Mail Online: Crews' fury at new stewardess uniform that barely covers their bottoms and is an open 'invitation to sexual harassment'

This issue is related to gender discussion, more or less. Flight attendants have been deemed as a symbol of airlines, as same as paddock girls in motorcycle racings. Historically, the majority of the users of airplane were male. It is not surprising that airline companies have an intention to attract the passengers with the arrangement of charming flight attendants. If so, this current tendency will be shrink in proportion to increasing of female passengers.

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