Saturday, May 17, 2014

Journey to Greece (2)

Journey to Greece (1)

The next morning, it was also a sunny day.

I could see Mount Lycabettus at a long distance.

I saw many apartment houses at roadsides. And there were lots of cars parked aside the side of roads. Population density seemed to be high at the center of Athens.

Tropical plants were dominant in Greece. However, I felt it was not so extremely hot.

This was another statue. He is George Averoff, famous as a founder of schools in the 19th century.

The door attached to an elevator in the hotel I stayed was a little strange. You have to pull a door to get into the elevator. In addition, an accordion door was equipped which was closed when you select the destination pushing a button.

I found some snacks were very delicious. This one may be available also in foreign countries.

(To be continued.)

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