Sunday, May 25, 2014

Best cities on the planet

Tokyo won the best city of the world.

The IESE Business School in Spain investigated 135 cities all over the world to rank them in accordance with Cities in Motion Index (ICIM). Tokyo is evaluated as the best, followed by London and New York.

Business Insider: The 20 Best Cities On The Planet

IESE: Tokyo, London and New York, the smartest cities

The best 20 cities are below:
 1. Tokyo
 2. London
 3. New York
 4. Zürich
 5. Paris
 6. Geneva
 7. Basel
 8. Osaka
 9. Seoul
 10. Oslo
 11. Philadelphia
 12. Los Angeles
 13. Dallas
 14. Copenhagen
 15. Eindhoven
 16. Amsterdam
 17. Sydney
 18. Stockholm
 19. Chicago
 20. Baltimore

The standards to assess the quality of the cities are a little complicated. According to ICIM, there are 10 dimensions to determine the efficacy of each city. Auckland was the top at governance, as well as Eindhoven at Social Cohesion. These dimensions seem to emphasize the potential to develop in the future, rather than the current convenience to live in. Safety is not adopted as a dimension.

I am proud that Tokyo was elected the best. However, I am doubtful whether Tokyo will grow more in the future. Although hosting of the Olympic in 2020 will be a tailwind, Japan is facing to continuous decrease of population. In addition, immigration policy is still under discussion. I wonder if Tokyo is friendly for foreigners in the near future.


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