Saturday, May 17, 2014

Journey to Greece (1)

Today, I came home from Greece. I attended an academic conference in Athens.

I visited Greece for the first time. Unfortunately, I could not have much time to stay there, due to work in Japan. Actually, my trip included only 2 nights stay with 5 days of the journey.

The Athens international airport was modern and clean. I had no difficulty to enter the immigration gate.

From the airport to the center of Athens, I utilized a metro line. The one way ticket costed 8 Euro. It took about half an hour.

To be honest, the explanation displayed on the boards were not friendly to foreigners. There were few English directions. And Greek alphabets were complex and easy to misinterpret. I was a little confused to identify my destination on the board.

Greece is a country of the sun. The weather was pleasant. It was not so hot nor cold.

In foreign countries, I frequently see such a statue. I do not know who is he.

I went to the place where the conference was held directly. After that, I reached the hotel I reserved. Actually, there were some inconvenience there. A key on the window was broken, so that I was annoyed with the sound of wind.

(To be continued.)

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