Monday, May 19, 2014

Journey to Greece (3)

Journey to Greece (1)
Journey to Greece (2)

The last day I stayed in Athens was also fine. I had a short time to spend, so I walked around the city.

This was Panathenaic Stadium, the birthplace of the modern Olympic in 1896. There were few visitors. Almost no branch stores were seen.

Lots of dogs lay on every street. They looked relaxed, and might feel hot.

There was a part of ruin beside the road. I guess many other remains were buried there. I have heard it was interfering development of the cities in Italy, ironically. Is the situation similar in Greece?

I found a nice store which dealt with some organic foods. I bought herbal tea there. Pasta and other things were also fascinating.

I ate GreekMac at a McDonald's in Athens. It was like a Pita sandwich.

A salesperson gave me some tickets to discount the meal.  One Euro or 25% off were reasonable, compared to some kinds of tickets available in Japan.

There were some old persons in the store. I was a little surprised that older persons seemed to be more likely to use MacDonald's than younger ones.

Greek cuisine were not bad. I enjoyed Sea bass.

This was also pleasant journey. I was satisfied at all.

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