Thursday, May 8, 2014

The absolute rule of internet contribution

Nowadays, we can see everything via the internet. With one click, Google tells us the answer about what we want to know.

On the contrary, we can easily express our own idea to the public. In the past, only limited persons could write a comment on the newspaper, or speak on the TV. Now, using the internet your statement reaches countless audiences.

It has brought a newly problem. It is possible that your comment may make a stranger get angry, regardless of your intention. You cannot stop any persons from seeing you. Once thrown to the internet, your sentences  would not be controllable. In addition, your comments will remain almost forever.

To make use of the internet, we should be cautious not to be involved in any troubles. Minimal literacy is required for all internet users.

I have one definite rule when I write a comment on the internet. It is so called "The rule of the last person I would like to show it".

I imagine a face of whom I do not hope to show my comment the worst. When I write a criticism against the organization I belong to, I imagine the situation that my boss reads the comment. About sexual issues, the persons I should imagine are my parents. Describing my patients on the blog is out of the question!

This rule is so strict that it decrease the taste of writing a little. Nonetheless, it is a safe way of using the internet.

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