Saturday, May 31, 2014

X-MEN days of future past: too much explanation and cancelation

Yesterday, I wrote sequels in May 2014, although yesterday was not the last day in May. Because I must write about this movie: X-MEN.

Needless to say, I extremely love this series. So I watched the newest work "X-MEN: Days of Future Past" today.

As a conclusion, I was not satisfied with this film, though I considerably enjoyed it.

(CAUTION: This entry includes critical information about the storyline.)

In the beginning of this film, X-Men, other mutants and even non-mutant human are at risk of extinction by the killing machine, Sentinels. Professor X and Magneto attempt to send the consciousness of Wolverine to the past in order to stop the development of Sentinels. In 1973, Mystique, a mutant lady killed Dr. Trask, to stop his experiment using mutants. However, this murder caused the fear of human against mutants. She was captured and biologically investigated, that led to rapid development and enhancement of Sentinels.

I felt strange at this point. Time travel is extremely dangerous. It is unpredictable what happen if history has been changed. Professor X must know it. If I were him, I would order Wolverine to find the weak point of Sentinels, instead of defeating them. The reason why they decided to change the history may be that the current situation had been so unrecoverable when time travel became available.

Wolverine returns to the past and find Professor X. But he has lost his ability and passion for the good future because of Vietnam war. Wolverine persuades him to rescue young Magneto. Magneto was in prison for the crime of assassinating JFK. However, he denied the offense. According to him, JFK was also a mutant. He tried to save JFK, but in vain.

I was astonished to this plot. It is corner-cutting to explain this most serious case in the US with only a single dialog, using no visual scene.

It is the same about the reason why humankind is in peril to perish. Sentinels firstly identified mutants only. But they began to detect the persons who have the potential to produce mutants. In this series, the mutant is described as a form of evolution. In brief, Sentinels attack all persons who are reproductive. I felt doubtful why this plot was not explained with the scenes. The directed had to describe the fear of the developer of Sentinels seeing themselves to be attacked by Sentinels.

Mystique failed to assassinate Dr. Trask because of interrupt of Magneto. But Magneto tries to kill her. Indeed, Mystique has a risk to give human dangerous information about mutant gene. However, Magneto was the lover of Mystique the other day. I felt his behavior was not realistic a little. On the other hand, Magneto tried to kill Leech, a mutant with power to negate mutant powers, in "X-MEN the Last Stand." His thought is sometimes rough.

Magneto is good at counter-utilization. He manipulates Sentinels with installing metal plates into Sentinels in advance. In "X2", he made use of even Professor X to eradicate human. In spite of his tricky wisdom, he was not a good strategist. He lost all of his colleagues, Emma, Azazel, Angel, and Banshee. (I did not know Banshee joined to Magneto. What happened to him?) I predicted the result because they were not seen in X-MEN. Emma and Azazel were too powerful to be defeated easily. Magneto was responsible for their death.

At last, the history was changed and all mutants revive. I feel it is too optimistic. The battle of X-MEN described in "The Last Stand" was canceled because of the rewrite of the history. I think this is a treatment intending to create sequels.

After all, perhaps I do not like the director, Brian Singer. However, I like "The Usual Suspects" by him.

Personal Rating: 3 (fair)

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