Monday, April 2, 2018

US visa applicants will have to submit SNS history

The US seems to tighten visa applicants more.

The administration demands all people who attempt to gain the visa to submit their phone, email as well as the history of the social network.

The State Department estimates that the new rule od visa revision will affect approximately 710,000 applicants and 14,000,000 non-immigrant visa applicants.

LiveMint: US asks visa applicants to submit their previous phone, email, social media details

The US government will intend to exclude suspected people from entering the US. It seems rational considering Euro nations are facing the risk of terror attacks. Collecting personal information of visa applicants may be valid as far as their purpose is justified. For example, Australia has strict rules of bringing living things for maintaining the environment.

But, I am doubtful that the investigators can distinguish terrorists from most other innocent applicants. SNS history can be easily disguised by people who can fabricate a passport. This policy will raise the risk of dismissing irrelevant people.

This decision is consistent with Trump's exclusive policy. I do not support it, apparently.

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