Saturday, April 14, 2018

The US started to attack Syria

The US strikes Syrian facilities on April 13, 2018.

Donald Trump blamed Syria for using chemical weapons with harsh language. He declared that the US would not cease fire until Syria stops to use or develop chemical weapons.

The New York Times: US, Britain and France Strike Syria Over Suspected Chemical Weapons Attack

The UK and France, as allies of the US, is collaborating to the sky attack. Theresa May emphasized that the UK is the greatest friend of the US. Emmanuel Macron said that he had a proof that Syria had used chemical weapons several times.

So far, the United Nations planned to send an investigating group about the development of chemical weapons to Syria. But Russia dismissed this proposal. Rusian government is close to Asad Administration in Syria. Of course, this attack will deteriorate the relationship between the US and Russia.

I hardly believe the US is concerned about the existence of chemical weapons in Syria. There are many types of weapons which should be prohibited other than chemical weapons. It is likely that the US aimed to take a superior position to Russia in the world. I do not think the attack would bring the peace to the middle east, unfortunately.

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