Thursday, April 26, 2018

Autism in France

Each nation has a unique history and culture. Therefore, policies are varied in each other by nations.

France is generally indifferent to autistic patients, according to the article below. It is estimated that there are 700,000 patients with autism, while only one-tenth are actually diagnosed.

The Conversation: France’s autism problem – and its roots in psychoanalysis

Considering the fact that autism attracts both public and specialized attention in recent in developed countries, this low diagnosis rate is surprising. In the US and the UK, as well as Japan, overdiagnosis is often discussed for autism.

In France, the psychoanalytic strategy seems to have an important position in clinical psychiatry.  For psychoanalytic point of view, autism is a result of a failed maternal relationship. Thus, treating mothers would be a solution.

For your reference, this idea is denied by the latest evidence-based psychiatry. Rather, this wrong concept has suffered many mothers most of whom were blamed by surrounded people.

Psychoanalysis is still an important point of view for understanding patients' thought and behaviors. But, its dominance has been lost for decades. Nowadays, there are few specialists of psychoanalysis.

Now, it is generally accepted that autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder. Therefore, patients with autism need special help including communication aid and training in their early childhood.

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