Saturday, April 28, 2018

Simple device saves baby's life

A simple device attached to babies contributed to reducing fatality in Papua New Guinea.

ABC News: Papua New Guinea mothers use baby bracelets to reduce newborn deaths

In PNG, many babies are killed by hypothermia. The UN estimates 60-80% of newborns death are accountable for hypothermia. And in PNG, few mothers have enough clothes and environmental devices to keep their children warm. It is difficult for them always to keep an eye on their children.

Then, the UNICEF delivered a small wristwatch-like device to each family. This device can monitor the child's body temperature and make a warning if they are chilling.

As a result, the mortality rate of newborns was reduced by 41% in the region where the UNICEF intervened.

This episode tells us that a very cheap tool can protect lives in developing countries. We, living in a developed country, are fond of possessing multifunctional devices. But simple items created with sophisticated technology are also useful for many people.

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