Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Toronto car plowing

Tronto city was struck by a sudden tragedy. A vehicle run into the sidewalk, to hit several pedestrians. So far, at least ten were killed, and 16 were injured.

The suspect was arrested by the police. His intention is still under investigation. Considering the situation and comments by bystanders, this event seems not an accident.

The suspect is said to have made a defiant comment to the policy before this incident. On the other hand, there is no proof that he belongs to an antisocial organization. It is not likely that his crime will be identified as a terror attack.

Independent: Toronto: Ten dead and 16 injured as van ploughs into crowd

This tragedy reminds me a similar incident occurred in Japan in 2008. A man in a van trampled over several pedestrians, to take seven people's life. At first, he was deemed to have expressed the hatred against rich people. But, the defendant himself denied such a motivation. He also criticized the prosecutor as their guess of his motivation for the crimes lacked the proof and reasonable estimation. And he made a laugh to people who imagine his thought for their convenience.

Therefore, I have to wait for a while. Perhaps,  the suspect will express his incentive for the crime. Listening to the words of the culprit is essential to prevent another case, regardless of the status of the culprit.

Pray for the victims.

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