Monday, April 9, 2018

Jaw-attached device reads your mind?

A team of MIT developed a wearing device which can read your mind, according to the article below.

Tech Crunch: MIT’s new headset reads the ‘words in your head’

This device, called AlterEgo, is to be attached to your jaw. And it can read the words presented in your head. The team says that a person can talk to the machine via his neurotransmitters. After a series of training, the examinees became to be able to tell 92% of their thoughts to the device.

To be honest, I hardly believe this report. First of all, your words exist only in your brain. It is impossible that neurological signals translatable into a specific sequence of words spread to surface regions of the human body. Second, your brain must choose some specific words from many candidates in every second. Thus, there are enormous neurological bursts most of which are noises in your brain. I cannot expect an external device to compensate your thoughts.

I guess this device is similar to so-called neuron-mouse developed several years ago. Neuron-mouse is a head-mounted gear to manipulate the mouse cursor. It was said to have been reading your electroencephalogram. Some people claimed they could control the mouse via their electroencephalogram. But it seems not correct.

Human-brain interface is a fascinating theme to be developed. But it is not easy to realize the "alter-ego."

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