Thursday, April 12, 2018

How to Brexit without pain: the gamebook can tell you

The discussion about Brexit is still confusing. Some politicians call for the second vote for Brexit. Theresa May, the Prime Minister of the UK, is deliberately proceeding to form the legislation of hard Brexit. But there are many opponents around her, and the support rate of leading Conservative Party is decreasing.

The current situation was predicted a couple of years ago. Many researchers of political science have mentioned the difficulty of Brexit without pain and confusion. And, Dave Morris, a famous gamebook creator is one of the persons who recognized the tough situation.

Just recently, a gamebook whose theme was Brexit itself was published, entitled "Can you Brexit?: Without Breaking Britain." In this interactive novel, you control the head of the leading party and work for the political decision making. There are several subjects in this work: immigration, rights of current citizens belongs to the EU, negotiation about the cost paid to the EU, and so on. You discuss each theme with many counterparts in this book. according to your choice, the four parameters (authority, economy, goodwill, and popularity) will be altered from 52%. You should keep each parameter as high as possible for stabilized administration. Can You Brexit?: Without Breaking Britain Paperback

This book was written by Morris in collaboration with Jamie Thomson, a political scientist. I have played it only partially but noticed that the plot in this book is so realistic that any players would experience the tough situation of the Prime Minister.

It is surprising that Morris might be prepared for the publication for a couple of years. This gamebook has over 800 paragraphs. It seems to have taken several months for completing the writing. I respect for Morris' effort.

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