Friday, April 6, 2018

Can dementia be preventable?

Dementia is one of the last diseases I would like to have. It harms not only the patient but also caregivers. In miserable cases, the caregiver can even take the patient's life.

I have written some entries about the prevention of dementia. But as far as I know, there are no definite ways to release me from the fear of dementia.

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People with higher education rarely have dementia, according to some studies. But, there are no clinical trials to estimate the preventing effect of education. It is possible that intelligent persons are simply not likely to be deemed as an idiot when their intellectual level declined.

The Conversation: Six things you can do to reduce your risk of dementia

On the other hand, physical activity is likely to be beneficial. It is not only for the prevention of dementia. Maybe regular exercise activates your blood vessels, leading to keeping your blood flow smooth.

Other than the solution referred in the article above, I recommend you not to drink excessively. Alcohol does damage your brain. There is controversy how much you should drink in a day for keeping your health. And not a few physicians claim there is no safe limit for alcohol drinking.

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