Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Fairy of migraine

A migraine is one of the major causes of a headache. Especially in youth, women, recurrent pain following aura and nausea is so serious that some patients want even to pierce their skull to drain cerebral fluid.

Surprisingly, drilling holes in the skull were believed as a solution for a migraine the other day. There are fossilized skulls whose body is punctured found in many ruins.

According to the article below, there had been a superstition that fairy of a migraine is a cause of a headache. Not only in the ancient era but also even in 19th centuries, trepanation surgery was adopted to several cerebral diseases including a migraine.

The Conversation: Drilling holes in the skull was never a migraine cure – here’s why it was long thought to be

Indeed, puncturing the skull has some indication as a rational treatment such as chronic subdural hematoma. But its purpose is to drain the leaked blood. Reducing intracranial pressure is a solution for other diseases like hydrocephalus. But, of course, there is no need to pierce the skull for curing it.

The history of medicine is the history of experiments. Many patients have been victimized through the development of the modern treatment. Wh should be aware of the contribution of the patients and physicians before.

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