Thursday, April 19, 2018

Research for rejuvenation

Aging is a fate of all mortals. We get old, to face the last day of the life.

But, is it a truth of nature? Surprisingly, there are species which do not get old. For example, Heterocephalus glaber, a kind of rat, is free from aging. Actually, they live around 30 years, whereas other rats live only for some years. They are considered to have an ability to repair telomere, a component of the gene. Cells which have lost telomere are no more able to regenerate themselves.

It is uncertain if the research of Heterocephalus glabe will bring us an eternal life. There are several other approaches for longer life. Recently, a research team composed of Harvard and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) published a new finding in which supplementing some ingredients restored the blood vessels in mice. The blood vessel is an important element for measuring the age of mammals. People with fresh vessels will keep vitality for a long time.

Indepentent: Key symptom of old age reversed 'surprisingly easily', study finds

Rejuvenation has been a fairy tale. But it will be no more a dream. And, the human being will face a new challenge: how to use the prolonged life.

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