Sunday, April 29, 2018

Avengers: Infinity War, the greatest and the most desperate saga

Avengers: Infinity War was released the day before yesterday Japan. I saw it on cinema (of course MX 4D!)

The storyline is sequential from Thor: Ragnarok. At the end of this film, Thor's spaceship encountered an unidentified one. It is the starship of Thanos.

Thanos is the greatest villain in Marvel Cinematic Universe. He is a Titanian. In "Avengers," Thanos gave Loki a cosmic troop to aid his revenge to Thor.

Thanos has an ideology that living creatures should be halved for the limitation of resources in the galaxy. Therefore, he is seeking a series of six Infinity Stones. If he gets all of them, he will able to destroy the universe itself with snapping fingers.

Thor, Loki, and their allies were stabbed by Thanos. Thanos is so strong that Thor cannot match him at all. Thanos demands Space Stone possessed by Loki for Thor's life. After all, Loki is killed, and Thanos gets Space Stone.

The remaining Stones are; Reality Stone possessed by Collector in Knowhere, Time Stone administered by Doctor Strange, Mind Stone attached in Vision, and Soul Stone whose location is unknown.

Escaping from the battle with Thanos, Hulk is brought to the earth. He calls for help to Ironman. At the same time, Dr. Strange notices the greatest danger is approaching.

Ironman decides to contact Captain America who has left him because of an ideological dispute. But before they get a meeting, Thanos' subordinates attack Scotland.

In this film, there are many battlefields described. Titan, Wakanda, and other planets are involved in deadly battles. And, most heroes are described as too weak to stop Thanos. Even Captain America, Winter Soldier as Whitewolf, and Black Panther, the hero of the latest Marvel movie, are defeated by Thanos. I felt desperate when seeing their final battle.

On the other hand, Thanos has a complicated mentality. He is cruel and merciless. He tends to torture enemies to get information from them. He seems to be joyful in suffering foes. But, he shows some positive or strange emotions to his adopted daughter Gamora. He seems to accept her hatred for him. This relationship takes an important role in this story.

The scenes are splendid. Every hero is extremely cool.

And at last, a surprising ending is waiting for you. You shall see with your eyes. I wailed after the completion of seeing it.

Personal Rating: 5 (excellent)

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