Thursday, April 5, 2018

Kill your boss? Stress in workplace

It is said that the worst stressor in most working places is the relationship with your boss. In Japan, "power harassment" is focused recently. Lawsuit cases are gradually increasing. And some labors, typically depressed after working, are identified as a victim of an industrial accident.

The situation seems similar in the UK. According to the article below, a tenth of British workers imagines they would kill their boss.

International Business Times: Horrible Bosses: 1 in 10 Brits have imagined killing their boss

The samples of this survey gathering over 2,200 people's data were attendants of Expert Market, an online business services comparison site. Thus, many participants may consider changing the job. On the contrary, workers satisfying their job seldom visit such a website.

Therefore, the result that 10% of British workers feel critically hostile to their boss can be exaggerated. Nonetheless, it should be admitted that not a few workers are annoyed by the human relationship in the workplace.

There are some solutions to deal with your boss minimizing stress. If you have some common hobbies with your boss, it will be easier for you to behave friendly with your boss. Otherwise, you can have another person, either in your company or out, to listen to your complaints.

You should be aware of the fact that stress emerged in the human relationship should also be dissolved in the human interaction. If you take alcohol, drugs, gambling, and other ways to alleviate the stress due to the human relationship, there is a risk of indulgence to abusive solutions.

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