Sunday, April 22, 2018

Spotify into the stock market

Spotify, a music streaming service company, was posed to the stock market on Apr 3, 2018.

The Guardian: Spotify's stock market debut: everything you need to know

Its initial price was 150 USD per a stock. Its total value is estimated at 20-25 billion USD, according to market experts. So far, its price seems to be stable.

Spotify has been offering music streaming service. You can listen to popular music titles as long as you like for free. A premium account is needed to select specific titles.
The competitors of Spotify are Amazon, Apple, and Google, at a glance. They are all too big to defeat. To be honest, I was doubtful that Spotify would survive for years. In reality, Spotify's revenue is growing in recent years. Paying subscribers will reach 90 million.

Nowadays, the music industry is struggling to make a profit. Many publishers are difficult to collect the expenditure of making a master tape with selling the CD. Therefore, artists tend to encourage fans to come to the live concert. On the other hand, streaming services have partially replaced CD selling since they are less costly.

I am not sure Spotify will be successful. But it will be better for us to have many alternatives to enjoy music.

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