Friday, March 2, 2018

True effect of mild exercise

It is a well-known fact that physical exercise is beneficial for your health. But how hard you should act is still under discussion.

In recent years, the hypothesis that even mild exercise without sweating is also advantageous for prolonging your life looks dominant.

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Researchers at University College London claim that they need not take moderate or intense exercise to keep their health, based on their latest cohort study.

Hindustan Times: Senior citizens, take note. Even light, no-sweat exercise can prolong life

If mild exercise is also beneficial in reality, we would be happy. And who believe this idea would take mild exercise regularly, as well as watching their condition. These activities will lead to maintaining their health well. It is so-called self-realizing prophecy.

Therefore, the exact effect of mild exercise is hardly examined. To begin with, there are few people never taking exercise at all. Going out for daily commodities once a week is an exercise. Afterall, we should move for checking our status, as well as enjoying the life.

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