Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Online bullying

Nowadays, online bullying has been a serious problem. Mostly occurring in children, cyberbullying may also emerge in adult society. And the consequence is often not less catastrophic than the abuse in real.

Considering this issue, you should be aware that it is rare online bullying occurs independently. When you find a child bullied on the internet, he may also be bullied at school or other community. Considering this fact, cyberpolice itself is not an entire help for the victims. Discussing the whole issues with the child, parents, school teachers, and whoever concerned is essential.

The Conversation: What should I do if my child is a cyberbully?

To avoid online bullying, the only thing you should do is to turn off the switch of your smartphone. But it may cause another, and sometimes more serious, problem. For many people, especially in younglings, online activity is indispensable for daily life. It is one of the complexities in addressing this issue, as well as internet addiction.

Based on my personal experience, people who are bullying someone seldom recognize the meaning of their behavior. Parents and teachers should take responsibility for teaching it to them. But it is not easy to modify their behavior because they do not understand their acts are unacceptable.

Therefore, for a quick solution, I would advise victims to run away, instead of waiting for the change of the situation, to a safer place. Usually, there are some elements to establish and maintain the bullying situation. They may be dullness of the victim or an atmosphere that bullying is justified. But in another place, people bullied would be a hero, or it is undesirable, a bullier.

Nonetheless, moving place, as well as calling for help, is often difficult for people continuously bullied. Watching children with empathy is necessary for preventing the issue worsens.

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