Thursday, March 22, 2018

Facebook scandal on Presidential campaign

It was revealed that massive user data of Facebook were improperly used for the Presidential campaign.

According to the media, Cambridge Analytica, a consulting company, got millions of the demographic data of Facebook users without their consent. They were transferred from Aleksandr Kogan who posted a psychological quiz on Facebook. Cambridge Analytica utilized the data for Donald Trump's victory in the Presidential vote. Thus, users who intended to take a psychological test got stolen their personal data for political usage.

The New York Times: Facebook Faces Growing Pressure Over Data and Privacy Inquiries

After a couple of days, Mark Zuckerberg officially admitted this incident, mentioning that it was a mistake occurred on Facebook to be fixed.

Independent: Mark Zuckerberg speaks on Cambridge Analytica data controversy: 'We made mistakes'

Not surprisingly, the stock price of Facebook rapidly fell.

This kind of incident is often reported also in other social network services. Deliberate people never try suspicious web questionnaires. But it is noteworthy that Facebook, the largest SNS in the world, is trickly utilized, and the founder of the service is blamed.

It is obvious Cambridge Analytica is responsible for this scandal. Facebook will sue this company, I guess. But the damage inflicted to Facebook is serious.

It is not easy to answer the question that internet service providers are responsible for the offenses occurred on the internet. This incident has the same point of issue, I believe. In my personal opinion, the provider cannot take responsibility for all of the incidents. Otherwise, there is nobody to manage the services. But Zuckerburg will be blamed on this issue for a while, I am afraid.

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