Saturday, March 24, 2018

Norway plans to introduce electric airplanes

Norway is going to buy electric planes next year, according to the media.

Reuters: Norway plans to buy electric planes, mimicking green car success

Norway is one of the nations which have been decarbonized the most. Approximately a half of the cars in Norway are hybrid or electricity-driven. Its attempt for sustainability is well respected.

However, utilizing electric planes is still challenging. First of all the capacity of a battery is limited. The power per weight is inferior to petrol. And the weight of fuel is a critical issue for a plane.

Second, charging electricity is not free. Regardless electric plane is environment-friendly, it is pointless to burn massive oil for making the plane fly. It is even worse because converting the heat into electricity produce considerable waste of energy.

The authorities in Norway seem to understand these issues. They will deliberately estimate the feasibility of electric airplanes. Mini planes which fly a short range is possible to be administered with electricity. Innovation in the future may enhance the usability of electric planes.

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