Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Korea bans an early exposure to English

Nowadays, English skills are essential for pursuing a better job for almost everyone. Therefore, how to learn the English language is a crucial issue for non-native speakers.

And there are many English teaching schools in those countries. In Japan, as well as some people consider to go to Philippine for entering an English school there, as well as domestic ways of learning English.

In Japan, elementary schools began to teach English several years ago. I was not taught English before entering a junior high school. Instead, I went to a private English school for a couple of years. But it was not effective for me to improve my English skills, to be honest.

Meanwhile, the South Korean government decided to ban English class from the first and second grade in the elementary school. The reason is early exposure to English class can get rid of proficiency of Korean language and culture, according to the media.

Aljazeera: South Korea bans English education for first and second graders

This issue is still under broad argument, as far as I know. Some people claim that acquiring the mother tongue at the early stage of life is indispensable for children to develop their brain and personality. According to them, bilingual is a myth, and learning two languages at the same time has adverse effects.

It sounds rational, considering the fact that I think everything in Japanese. If I had poor Japanese vocabulary, the ability of logical thinking and expression might be limited.

On the other hand, there are some people who use several languages without any troubles. We are jealous of them. And some parents want their children to be such a person. The result is early exposure because the learning speed in childhood is higher than that in adulthood.

When should we begin to learn the second language? This question is not easy to make a correct answer. Conducting a social experiment is not feasible. The figure in the future in Korea will be a proof of this issue.

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