Friday, March 23, 2018

Singapore's anti fake news law

Singapore is going to develop legislation against fake news.

It is now under discussion and attracts public attention. Google and Facebook, the internet giants, sent a statement to oppose the establishment of this law to the parliament.

Rappler: Facebook, Google warn Singapore against 'fake news' law

Now Singapore media are highly controlled by the government, according to this article above. Google and Facebook concern the possibility of excessive censorship by the legislation.

I think their anxiety is understandable. It is an issue who decides each news is fake. It is difficult to prove a thing as incorrect. If so, the provider would be banned from the society. More important is to provide valuable contents many more.

Singapore is a hybrid society. Its official language is English and Chinese. Despite several achievements, the nation faces challenges such as scarce resource and logistic risk. I wonder where this nation to go.

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