Wednesday, March 28, 2018

White house refuses transgenders from military

The White House is said to decide to ban transgender people from the military.

CNN: White House announces policy to ban most transgender people from serving in military

According to the CNN, the US military will exclude conscripts unless their mental states are proven to be stable.

I hardly understand the policy of Trump through reading this article above. First of all, gender identity is not associated with the ability to contribute to the military force. Of course, men have stronger physical power than women. But there are several excellent troops composed of women.

Furthermore, the symptoms of gender identity disorder suffer the patients, not others. If a candidate has schizophrenia which has not properly treated and he has a serious delusion, it is difficult to accept this candidate to the troop. But once well controlled, some patients with schizophrenia will perform well in the army. I hardly understand gender identity is notably excluded.

I think this Trump's policy is not only obviously discriminatory to gender minorities but also no more efficacious to enhance the army. Perhaps, he has another intention. But I cannot guess it.

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