Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Uber's self-driving car killed pedestrian

An autonomous driving car caused a traffic accident, leading to the death of a pedestrian.

Tech Crunch: Uber self-driving test car involved in accident resulting in pedestrian death

The car belonged to Uber, a newly developed transportation company. Uber was eager to establish car sharing as well as the spread of self-driving car. This is the first case that self-driving vehicle kills a pedestrian's life. A few years ago, a self-driving car managed by Tesla crashed into a rolly which took the driver's death.

Not surprisingly, Uber stopped the experiment of self-driving cars operation.

BBC: Uber halts self-driving car tests after death

This case suggests that self-driving car is not perfect. However, it is a common sense that there is no technology without flaw.

It is important to know why this accident could not be avoided. If there is an obvious error in the algorithm, it should be fixed immediately. But, it will be difficult to identify the cause of the crash, I guess.

Afterall, the issue is whether is safer, the human driver, or machine. The answer is the machine, even now, I believe. If every car is operated by the machine, the rate of incidents will be reduced. Thus, there are many drivers whose driving skill is inferior to the machine.

I wonder how we can proceed auto-driving technology into reality. There is no zero-risk society. Even recognizing this fact, nobody wants to be hit by an auto-driving car. The machine never makes an apology.

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