Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Automatic calory calculator

I introduced a gadget which can measure the calory of any meals.

My past entry: DietSensor change your diet style?

Before I tried this "Diet Sensor," more innovative gadgets have been launched.

A wristband. It can calculate your intake automatically according to the food you eat. This gadget is said to monitor the blood sugar in your vessels.

GoBe, and Airo are wearable devices to measure how much your body gains calory continuously. You need not note, or even take photos of your meal to know the amount of intake.

Consumers' comments are splitting. Some admire their accuracy while others suggest they are erroneous. And both devices look not so cool, unfortunately.

I dare not to buy one now because their performance is yet to be improved. But I believe this kind of gadgets will become dominant in athletic activities within a few years.

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