Monday, March 5, 2018

Black Panther: An African story of succession

I saw "Black Panther," on cinema.

Black Panther is a hero in Marvel Comics. He appeared in "Captain America 3: Civil War" for the first time in Marvel Cinematic Universe. But, in this firm, any other heroes in Marvel did not appear except after the end credit. Thus, Black Panther was described as a grand-hero leading the whole storyline.

Black Panther, named T'Challa, was a prince of Wakanda, a nation in Africa. Wakanda was deemed as a developing country whose dominant industrial source was farming. But, Wakanda had been mining massive Vibranium, a fictional mysterious metal in Marvel world, for thousands of years, and had established a splendid level of civilization. The kings of Wakanda had a duty to keep this fact secret successively.

Wikipedia: Black Panther (film)

 T'Challa's father was killed in a terror attack. Challa attempted to revenge the suspect, Winter Soldier, in Civil War. At last, it was revealed that Winter Soldier was not relevant to the attack and the perpetrator was arrested in that film.

And after this event, Challa is going to accomplish the ritual of succession. He talks to his deceased father in a dream caused by the magical herb. He feels anxious about the ruling Wakanda. His father encourages him.

However, the father has a great secret which suffers Challa very much. Challa has to decide whether to protect traditional Wakanda, or bring it into the new age.

The storyline is a little similar to "Lion King." The atmosphere of African field and exotic music also reminded me Lion King.

The story is well constructed. Challa's confuse between father's behavior and his ideology was properly described. This kind of dilemma is necessary to develop a story of succession.

The Panther Suit absorbs any physical power. It looks invincible. But, in this film, how to overwhelm the wearer was described.

And, it is noteworthy that almost all casts are black in this film. There is a US agent casting an important role. But the US itself is no more appealing to the plot. The main theme of this film is What Wakanda should do for the world. The leaders of each folk in Wakanda were strong. This film successfully described the potential of Black people, I believe.

On the other hand, the action scenes were not so attractive. Black Panther and the villain are human-size persons. They do not use any ranged weapons. Compared to Thor: Ragnarok or Civil War, lairy directions are missing.

Also, I felt unrealistic that Wakanda had concealed its real figure for many years. Any betrayers would easily leak Wakanda's secret to other nations.

Personal Rating: 3 (fair)

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