Monday, March 19, 2018

Air India on sale, Singapore Airline to bid

Air India has been suffering from a large amount of debt. The Indian government is planning to sell this company to the private sector.

Singapore Airline seems to be one of the candidates. It is openminded to get this national airline company, according to a general manager.

Reuters: Singapore Airlines has open mind on making initial bid for Air India

Singapore Airline is popular for its highly qualified service. Its fiscal status may be good, though I am not sure. Since Singapore is functional as a hub of many big cities, getting Air India will be advantageous for Singapore Airline.

In recent years, airline companies are restructuring themselves one another. In Japan, Skymark was bankrupted in spite of its aggressive marketing. Not limited to LCCs, some flagship airlines are in peril. Who will be the new owner of Alitalia Airline is still under discussion.

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