Sunday, March 18, 2018

Deadpool, not s dark hero

I watched Deadpool for the first time. This film was released a couple of years ago, but I had missed it. Because of his strange character, I had not been eager to see Deadpool on cinema.

Wade Wilson was a veteran. After the retirement from a special force, he was engaged in troubleshooting jobs. One day, he met Vanessa, to fall in love. But he fell due to cancer soon after promising the marriage. At last, he decided to get an operation offered by Ajax. Ajax successfully modified Wade's body into immortal, though his face became burned. Knowing Ajax' intention to make him a slave, Wade ran out from Ajax' institution. After that, Wade began to seek Ajax for revenge as well as getting his face restored.

Deadpool is different from other Marvel superheroes. Wade had been strong enough to match villains before changing into Deadpool. Also, his personality was originally twisted, perhaps due to his miserable childhood and traumatic experiences during troop.

As well, Deadpool has no conflict in his mind. Most heroes suffer from inner conflicts such as a dilemma between their instinct and heroic ideology. Deadpool's motivation is no other than the revenge to Ajax.

Therefore, this film is quite easy-watching. The audience never guesses the hero's thought. We have to simply enjoy the actions and bad languages of heroes.

I prospected that Vanessa had some intentions to contact to Wade. And also I wondered why Colossus was eager to inviting Deadpool to X-Men. But, this movie is not to consider such thoughts.

The scenes were not splendid. No monsters, no machines, no laser blades. I did not want to see this film on 3D cinema.

Personal Rating: 2 (poor)

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