Monday, March 12, 2018

Microsoft Surface LTE model connected to the internet

I got a new Microsoft Surface Pro. It equips an LTE module. Thus, it can connect to the internet independently.

To activate this function, I made a contract with a cellular company to get a SIM card. Although Surface Pro LTE model has both a nano-SIM slot and embedded SIM device. But I cannot utilize embedded SIM.

I inserted the SIM card into my Surface, and I inputted the username and password suggested by the internet service provider. However, it did not work. The machine requested a retry after re-inputting an APN.

I challenged the error several times. But it remained silent. On the internet, several similar troubles were reported. Some users altered the registry contents to fix the bug. I was disappointed with silly Microsoft.

But finally, the solution was detected at a website administered by Microsoft itself.

I set the option as "Internet and the attach," instead of "Internet." That was all I changed.

Microsoft Community

This modification made me exhausted. In addition, there is another issue. Microsoft frequently sends data to update Windows. It takes a massive volume of bytes. I modified the configuration not to receive the update data automatically.

I am doubtful Microsoft is sincerely eager to introduce Windows PC always connecting to the internet. Hoo.

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