Thursday, March 17, 2016

Weekly Shower recommended

How many times do you bathe or shower in a week? A shocking article for cleanliness lovers. The writer recommends you to shower only once a week.

The Guardian: I shower once a week. Here’s why you should too

The author describes both of the adverse effects of the daily shower: for cost and health. According to the author, the annual electricity cost is calculated to 400 GBP for daily 10 minutes shower. It will be added to the water cost unless you live in a flat which equips a water meter. It is not a negligible amount of money, indeed.

Another issue around daily shower focuses on your health. Excessive use of soap can damage your skin through flushing out good bacteria on your skin. Some dermatologists recommend not for bathing babies and toddlers daily. It seems rational. In older people, frequent bathing can deteriorate the dry skin through getting rid of the body oil.

Therefore, the author showers so infrequently.

I think whether you approve the writer’s opinion depends on your cultural background. Generally speaking, Japanese love cleanness very much. If you bathe less than twice a week, you may be discriminated. I seldom bathe but shower twice a day. And, a landlord in London felt my habit strange.

Actually, Japan has good hygiene environment. Ironically, it means that Japanese need not to wash their body so frequently. Otherwise, this situation may result from the obsessive tendency of Japanese.

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