Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Paper age will soon perish

Previously, our business deeply depended on paper documents. Instead, monitors and tablets are replacing them, recently.

I seldom equip a ball-point-pen. Whenever I have to write something down, I start my smartphone. For creating a complex document, MS Word and a Windows PC is essential. The paper is still seen frequently. But the opportunity for me to read through the paper document is surely decreasing.

ITProPortal: Businesses are slowly (but surely) phasing out paper

According to a survey, cost and security are the two dominant factor in replacing paper to digital record. Indeed, officers had printed thousands of paper every month at each meeting before iPads were introduced in my office. I calculated that the initial cost for iPads would be compensated within five years. In addition, officers did no more need to arrange the stack of documents in front of each desk.

Interestingly, both the matter of cost and security can be misunderstood for people not familiar with a digital solution. Improper use of cloud services can raise the running cost. And many are concerned about the security risk of the internet, whereas most of them underestimate the risk of social engineering. Actually, paper document cannot be encrypted. And many officers drop the documents on the road.

Shortly, the most paper will be exiled from the office, albeit not completely. However, the paper will be still needed in a contract situation. Digital signature will be dominant in business settings. Nonetheless, hand-writing has some advantages.

ITProPortal: Many businesses keep paper only for the signatures

Since I was engaged in publishing some journals in my school age, I have particular sympathy with paper books. It does not consist the reason, however, to keep the paper in the office.

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