Friday, March 11, 2016

Age of hay fever

As I wrote previously, I have hay fever. During early spring, I cannot stop sneezing.

My past entry: Pollinosis

In general, Western people dislike someone sniffing. But many Japanese including me do so. It is due to high prevalence of hay fever I guess. Blowing your nose hardly releases you from mucus in allergic reaction because it is less viscid than that in infectious disease. Mucus never stops!

Levocetirizine Hydrochloride is good medicine. Nonetheless, it cannot save me perfectly.

I bought a glasses for protecting my eyes from pollen. It blocks 98% of the pollen, according to JINS, the developer of this amazing eyewear. Nonetheless, I feel my eyes itching. In addition, this glasses is easy to get fogged especially when I wear a mask.

Last year, I stayed in London. There were fewer allergens in London than Japan. So, I did not suffer from hay fever there. This year is challenging again.

Now, I am planning to take sublingual immunotherapy. It will modify my immune system. According to newly studies, 80% of the patients feel better after taking this therapy.

Unfortunately, it is too late to introduce this therapy this season. I have to wait until the next autumn.

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