Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Jobs in future: peer trainer

Recently, a topic of jobs in future is often discussed. Many opinions regarding this issue are pessimistic: most job opportunities will be robbed by robots.

On the other hand, there are some ideas imagining happy future. Even if many tasks are automated, there will still be some particular jobs. In addition, IT revolution will create more jobs than those to vanish. Remote-controlled vehicle operators and online chaperones are hopeful, according to the article below.

The Guardian: Is this the future of work? Scientists predict which jobs will still be open to humans in 2035

Previously, I guessed that food and sex industry, as well as education, will be requiring human resource regardless of the development of technology. This idea has not changed in me.

My past entry: Every jobs vanish

Also, peer trainer will be expected for a job in future. Nowadays, limited people can employ an administrative assistant. Some people have a gorgeous credit card with an ambassador service. And other people, including me, utilize Siri instead of a human secretary.

However, in the future, fewer people will be able to get an ordinary job. Most have no opportunity to be employed by a company. Instead, they will seek for a particular patron, in my opinion. They will never be a professional butler, but have some special knowledge about some specific region, such as rock music, baseball, or computer games. And there are some people who are willing to learn something about it. They will employ a personal mentor for a low cost. Peer trainers have an advantage on their method to widen their knowledge different from professionals. Knowledge exchange will occur, perhaps via the internet.

In the future, it is no doubt that most people will need not work. It is substantially impressive. We expect the future.

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