Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Teens are willing to sell personal information?

If you defined the beginning of the digital age as 1995 when Microsoft developed Windows 95, people born in the digital age is reaching adult. Indeed, teens have been living their entire life with computers and the internet.

Recently, a national survey was conducted to investigate the concern and interest to the digital age in the UK. One thousand adolescents with the age between 13-17 participated in this survey.

In this survey, approximately a half of participants were considering to sell their personal information for only 15 GBP. They replied they would like to expose their identity for money rather than to work.

It looks to represent modern teenagers' recklessness at a glance. On the other hand, it is also said that they are aware of the value of personal information.

However, I do not think a teenager's personal information deserves to 15 GBP. Nowadays, a list composing thousands of email address is dealt for only a few dollars. The reason a man's personal information is valuable is that someone can use it to earn money, such as through selling goods to him, or threatening him illegally. In each case, the man should be rich. Thus, to increase your personal information, you have to increase your own value in advance. It is not an easy way. I never believe anyone is willing to buy my personal information for 15 GBP at present.

By the way, the situation should be interpreted differently in girls. In Japan, some, even not many, schoolgirls are willing to expose their personality on the internet to gain a mate. There is some opportunity for girls to gain money with compensation of their personal information and the risk of being involved in a sexual relationship. Some girls seem to understand that they have such a value in limited duration. I think this idea is rather risky. Early exposure to money gained with means which are available only temporally can twist your sense of economy.

The report also told that at least one of your classmates would become a hacker. It is not surprising, considering that IT industry is still growing. Being interested in programming will be more important in the future.

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