Saturday, March 5, 2016

Journey to Hakone

This weekend, I visited Hakone.

Hakone is a highland located in Kanagawa prefecture. Mt Fuji is near to Hakone. In Edo era, several travelers were said to have stuck at the ridge of Hakone. Nowadays, Hakone is popular as a resort with hot spring.

The weather was great. I could see the top of Mt Fuji.

I rode on a cruiser on Ashinoko lake. There were a couple of shrines seen on the beach.

I visited Hakone shrine. Its solemn atmosphere made me calm.

Unfortunately, Mt Hakone is now considered to be active as a volcano. Therefore, entering inner area of Hakone has been prohibited for a year. Instead, I took a cable car to the top of Komagadake.

The landscape was splendid. I saw Ashinoko lake at a glance.

It was a good journey. It would have been far better if there had been no pollen.

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