Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Climate change and rising of sea level

Recently, I feel frustrated by the fluctuating temperature. Some days ago, it was rather hot as if in early summer. But after days, it became freezing. In addition, it rained heavily today.

Even considering the recent chaotic trend, it is no doubt that the temperature is gradually rising. Thus, the world is getting hot.

Global warming can cause several problems. Land subsidence, salt water intrusion into fresh water resource, and flooding are reported in several areas around beaches.

The Atlantic: Preparing for the Inevitable Sea-Level Rise

Regarding the cause of global warming, there remains controversial. Most researchers admit the influence of modern human activity, such as carbon dioxide extrusion, of the climate change. But other few scientists is opposing it. The ground of their statement is that the Earth experienced hotter era in the past. Thousands of years ago, the temperature was higher by two or three degrees Celsius than today. It means that the climate change is included in the grand tide of universal flow.

My past entry: The gap between scientists and the public

The both sides will agree on the necessity of treatment for increased temperature, nonetheless. It is estimated that the global mean sea level will rise by more than two feet in this century while the results of calculation are various. It will make us change the planning of civilization in beach areas.

In contrast, the effect of raised temperature is hard to imagine. There are tropical regions on the Earth now. In the 22nd century, Japan will belong to the subtropical region, perhaps. In that case, agriculture in Japan will be completely altered. Rice and sugar fields will be more fertile whereas we will not be able to expect juicy apple.

Ecology is a complex field of academism. There are several challenges to overcome for sustainable human activity in the future.

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