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Batman v Superman, for fans only

Yesterday, I saw "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice," in cinema. I chose Japanese dubbed version because it was the only option to enjoy 3D graphics. But, the 3D direction was far from satisfactory.

Wikipedia: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Jumping to the conclusion, I do not recommend it except for DC comics enthusiasts.

In the story, Batman is acting as an unofficial police to catch criminals in Gotham City, while the president of a large company. But, he got a building as well as his employees there seriously damaged due to the destructive battle between Superman and General Zod in Metropolis. After this, Batman becomes to deem Superman as dangerous.

First of all, General Zod was a villain in "Man of Steel," the previous film. His nature was not explained in this film. So, the audience who has not seen Man of Steel hardly understand the relationship between Zod and Superman.

Superman also becomes to dislike Batman. The reason is not described in detail. I think the motivation the both are hating each other is weak.

It is certain that there is a deep discrepancy between Batman and Superman in the definition of justice. Superman is pursuing straightforward to his goal. He destroys General Zod as evil, and he rescues Lois Lane, his sweetheart. His behaviors occasionally cause serious results. Nonetheless, he recognizes himself as a hero. On the other hand, Batman never identifies himself as a hero. He calls him as a criminal. For the purpose of getting information of a criminal organization, he does not hesitate to take a torture on a captive.

By the way, Batman is usually known as a man who does not use a gun, or kills a person. But in this film, he breaks the rules. It is for describing his ideology mentioned above. But I do not like such style of this film.

In the middle of the film, Superman is summoned to a Congressional hearing. An explosion occurs there, lead to a massacre. It was Luthor's act. Luthor, an archenemy of Superman and the villain in this film tries to make the match of Batman and Superman.

The bombing is considered to be attributable to a terrorist. Superman is blamed on not to protect citizens from this disaster as a bystander.

However, I think it was strange that few suspected that the explosion was caused by Superman himself. There was little description that Superman was responsible for the bombing. It is feasible to imagine that Superman blew off the Congressional hall since he had been criticized for his previous acts. And it might be a purpose of Luthor to disgrace his reputation.

Superman has to fight with Batman because his adopting mother was captured by Luthor. Batman is not willing to listen to Superman's excuse. I felt this scene was artificial. There is no reason for Batman to lose his temper. And, they stopped the battle as noticing that the mothers of the both shared the first name as "Martha" by chance. It is nothing than expediency.

The final battle is against Doomsday, created by Luthor from Zod's body. I am not sure why he made Doomsday. Superman tries to exile Doomsday to the outer space with repetitive kicks. However, a nuclear explosion made by the US government makes Doomsday stronger. These scenes are rather comical. The producer might express respect to old cartoons of Superman.

All at sudden, Wonderwoman appears to aid Batman and Superman. The scene is extraordinarily exciting.

Doomsday can be killed only with a kryptonite spear. But the spear was dropped into a pond by Lane, who had thought the spear can be a threat for Superman. Lane tries to retrieve the spear but fails. Superman rescues her and gets the spear again, with being damaged by the spear. Superman finally kills the Doomsday, sacrificing his own life.

This plot is also poorly described. Lane made a critical mistake due to the love for Superman. Because Lane dropped the spear, Superman had to retrieve it, leading to being injured. If she had not dropped the spear, Superman would not have been killed because another hero could take it instead of him. Thus, the act caring for Superman took his life. This irony and Lane's agony for it should have been expressed more in detail.

To begin with, Superman must be far stronger than Batman. This fact was adequately described in the film. As a result, Batman took no crucial role in the final battle. It is sorry for Batman lovers. In Marvel Avengers, each hero made a fantastic contribution to the last battle.

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Totally, I enjoyed this film. But this work is not so splendid, unfortunately.

Personal Rating: 2 (poor)


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