Friday, March 4, 2016

Market for old and ugly foods in Denmark

Food waste is a big problem in many developed countries. A total of more than one billion ton of food, approximately a third of all foods, is thrown away in a year. In Denmark, a supermarket was opened to deal challenge this issue.

WeFood in Copenhagen deals with food exclusively whose best before date expired or which are too ugly to be packaged. You can choose such unworthy foods for the cost of 30 to 50 percent less than fair price.

The Star: In Denmark, a new supermarket sells ugly food incredibly cheap

Indeed, Wefood’s challenge is not an innovation. There are lots of foods tagged as “still fresh” available in Morrison’s in London. Also in Japan, discounted meal are arranged at late night which are popular for some consumers. The fact structural and exclusive implementation of the usage of aged food is noteworthy, nonetheless.

This type of discounting can reduce the amount of wasted food. Also, it will be a good alternative for people, especially with little income, to purchase their own meal.

So, will such stores be available in Japan in the future? I think it is possible.

Generally speaking, Japanese are keen to the shape and freshness of food. Consumers are critical to delayed delivery. The other day, some food companies were seriously blamed by consumers on disguising the date of production, albeit nobody was damaged actually due to decomposition. I guess many Japanese hesitate to eat such foods.

On the other hand, inequality among people is gradually expanding. For some people, it is crucial to spare the cost of food. They are willing to buy discounted foods. I am also indifferent to the shape or freshness of food excepting in some unusual opportunity. There will be a certain need for low-cost foods.

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