Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Hakone Open-air Museum

During the visit to Hakone, I went to Hakone Open-air Museum.

The Hakone Open-air Museum is located nearby the Chokoku-no-Mori station of the Hakone Tozan Railway. The Japanese name of Open-air museum is “Chokoku-no-Mori Bijutsukan [Forest of sculpture museum].”

The Hakone Open-air Museum is the first museum in Japan which was structured in the open field. There are many statues and monuments there. Visitors can walk around the vast area of the museum with breathing the air of highland.

This is Balzac created by Rodin. This sculpture is said to express the suffering of Balzac, a famous writer. He wears a casual robe. His shape is not so detailed constructed. For these reasons, this work had not been approved until Rodin died.

 This statue is Hercules. Hercules is an ancient hero in Greek myth. He had extraordinary strength and courage, as a son of Zeus. But he was hated by Hera, the official wife of Zeus, and had to proceed a painful life.

This monument is titled Grande Racconto [great story], created by Giuliano Vangi. I like it. There are some men and women appeared around the cave. The man in front of you looks gloomy. But the man on the right side sees something new over the sky. Life is tough, but still wonderful.

Picasso’s works were presented in a building. I was heard that a daughter of Picasso gave many works of his to the museum. Taking a photo is prohibited in the building. I bought a magnet on which Guernica was printed.

I stayed there for several hours. Nice place to enjoy.

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