Saturday, March 19, 2016

Trap in empathy (1)

As a psychiatrist, I was told to learn about empathy. Empathy is an important concept in clinical psychiatry. Behaving empathetic makes your client relieved. He will talk about himself more in detail to the therapist.

However, the concept of empathy is difficult to understand, as I wrote. I have no absolute answer to it.

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Here, there is just one thing you should do to gain the trust of the client. You will look empathetic to the client after doing it. What is it?

It is self-disclosure. People believe the words of whom they know well. You prefer to listen to neighbors than strangers. Talking about your personal secret is a too brave act if you distrust the listener. In contrast, you must trust the person who told you honestly about his personal information.

Therefore, own talk is one of the excellent ways to get closer. Many suggest it, especially in the context of love game.

However, it is forbidden for therapists to disclose their personal information. It is an iron rule. Every psychiatrist is told not to talk about themselves to clients.

Why do they drop such an easy way to be empathetic to clients?

(To be continued.)

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