Sunday, March 13, 2016

Magic Tokyo O

Recently, I saw a magic show at Magic Tokyo O in Roppongi.

Magic Tokyo O Official Website (in Japanese)

I have been liked magic very much since I was a child. I made magic performance in a private event some times. But my magic is not good at all. I am dull, and seldom do exercise. I have no talent as an entertainer.

On the other hand, I had never seen a magic show. So, I expected to see an exciting close-up magic in addition to a stage magic. Someone said that close-up magic, or table magic, is far more amazing than stage magic for magic lovers.

And I knew it is true. The performance was brilliant.

I saw several kinds of magic. The coin I grabbed in my right hand vanished to appear on the back of my left hand immediately. Any other cards than I chose changed to white cards. Also, the magician bent a fork without touching it. An empty and crushed coke can was restored and it was automatically filled up with coke.

During a stage magic show, there were also lots of wonders. The magician swallowed several cigarettes with fire. A handcuffed magician escaped from a locked box. A table was levitated in space. The magician wrote the number of the card an audience had randomly chosen secretly.

Actually, I thought of the tricks in some phenomena. The magician hid another coin behind his palm. The magician might replace all of the cards than I picked up to the white deck. The coke can be filled up with some gas. The magician could remember all the sequence of the deck to hit the card the audience chose.

However, if my conjecture is correct, I have no idea how the magician achieved it. It is tough to exchange a large object such a coke can or a whole deck. Otherwise, my estimations can be irrelevant at all. It would be better. It is fun for me to make ridiculous guessing. It makes the performance more mysterious.

Magicians have three rules in performance. They must not explain the exact phenomenon in advance. They cannot reveal the trick. And they should not repeat the same magic. Therefore, it would be better not to visit the show time repeatedly.. Nonetheless, I hope to see the magic show again.

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