Friday, March 18, 2016

Can chocolate improve your cognitive function?

Since recently, some foods has been reevaluated for the effect to your health. Eggs are no more harmful even you take more than one per day. Coffee is deemed to reduce risks for several disease. And, chocolate may make you cleverer.

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A Recent study revealed the relevance of high cognitive function and chocolate consumption. The research team found that people who ate chocolate at least once a week showed higher scores in memory and abstract thinking tests than those seldom or never ate chocolate.

NHS Choices: Can chocolate make you smarter?

The researchers guess that regular intake of cocoa flavanols may be beneficial for cognitive function. Chocolate includes some polyphenols and balanced minerals which are potentially good your health. Another study suggested the preventive effect of chocolate against cancer.

Of course, this result does not indicate the causal relationship between chocolate and cognition directly. Potential confounders cannot be expelled in this kind of survey. For example, chocolate lovers may be rich, and richness can result from their high functioning in work.

On the other hand, I was a little surprised to this outcome. Chocolate usually includes much sugar. And it has now been proven that white sugar has adverse effects on your health. People who take chocolate frequently often eat other sweets. Thus, chocolate lovers tend to be damaged by sugar. However, the result is opposite.

I am not sure whether you should take a chocolate regularly base on this finding. The only thing I confirm is extreme diet is risky on your health.

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